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Let Them T-shirt

Let Them T-shirt

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Are you familiar with the “Let Them” theory? I’ll tell you the more I grow, the more I am okay with accepting the “Let Them” in my own life and relationships.

There will be people that would rather lose you than be honest about what they've done to you. Let them go.

Make the decision to no longer sit at tables where you might be the topic when you get up. Let them go.

You can still be kind. You can even still love them deeply. But do it from the distance they created in their words and actions. Access to you is a privilege they have proven they can’t be trusted with. Let them go.

You don’t need to tell your side of the story. God already knows. Let God fight the battle for you. Let them go.

Let them go.

This design is made at Rustic Coneflower Boutique on a Comfort Colors unisex tshirt in violet. These are made to stitch with a 1-2 week turnaround time. You will get a pick-up or shipping notification when your item is ready.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash on cold
  • Hang to dry

Due to lighting and differences in monitors/screens, actual colors may vary slightly.

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